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MediEvil Resurrection

Get ready for more one-eyed, arm-tossing, sword-swinging mayhem with the upcoming MediEvil Resurrection, the debut of the tongue-in-cheek adventure game on the PSP. If you’ve never played a MediEvil game before, the plot reads like your standard-issue heroic-knights-versus-evil-wizards tale, except that the knight in question is of the not-so-recently-dead variety.

Sir Daniel Fortesque, the hero of the story, is the mumbling protagonist of this game and doesn’t seem to mind being undead. In fact, he turns it to his advantage, using his detachable left arm as a weapon of sorts early on in the game--either as a melee-style attack or as a boomerang-like ranged attack. You won’t be stuck using the bony appendage as your main weapon for long, however, as it didn’t take long before we were stocked up with a long sword, throwing daggers, a great wooden club, and a bronze shield. Some of the weapons and armour you collect throughout the game will be temporary in nature and melee weapons will wear out with use - you’ll be able to keep track of your weapons’ health, thanks to a handy status meter in the lower right corner of the screen.

The game has a third-person camera angle, displaying your character and your surroundings with the analogue stick rotating your view so you see in every direction. The enemies are both wacky and dangerous, featuring shambling skinny zombies and fat undead school-boys - who are amusing just to watch tottering around until they see you. The targeting is done via a useful floating reticle that accompanies Sir Dan during his adventures. When you approach enemies, this little crosshair will float over to one enemy and show you which bad guy Dan is focusing on. Tossing a dagger will usually result in some damage dealt, though the farther away Daniel is the less accurate he becomes. In the case of daggers, you can choose to toss either one or two knives at a time at an enemy, using the X or square button respectively. Troubles only arose when Sir Dan was surrounded as things tend to get a bit more chaotic, especially because the game’s controls make it sometimes difficult to position him in front of an enemy. Nonetheless, with a bit of practice your undead knight will be slashing enemies from all directions with ease. Resurrection also contains entertaining multiplayer minigames for two players, with titles such as Pit ‘O’ Death, Whack a Zarok, and Trebuchet o’ Terror that are a must if you can find another owner of the game. 

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