FutureFive NZ - Microsoft arrives in tablet market with ‘Surface’

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Microsoft arrives in tablet market with ‘Surface’

Just over two years after Apple created the tablet market with the first iPad, Microsoft has announced its competing product, dubbed the Microsoft Surface.

Running on both Windows 8 Pro (intel) and Windows RT (ARM), the Surface boasts an integrated ‘kickstand’ so it can be left upright, as well as a 3mm Touch Cover that connects to the device magnetically but that also recognises keystrokes.

The Windows RT Surface will weigh 676 grams and be 9.3mm thick, while the Windows 8 Pro device will weigh 903 grams and be 13.5 mm thick. As for memory, the Windows RT model will offer 32GB and 64GB configurations, while the Windows 8 Pro will offer 64GB and 128GB.

The Gorilla Glass screen measures 10.6 inches diagonally. The device also has two cameras, the rear-facing camera angled at 22 degrees to counter the angle of the device when resting on the kickstand.

No release dates or prices are available as yet; Microsoft is only saying that the Surface for Windows RT will be released with Windows 8, and the Windows 8 Pro version will be available around 90 days later.

Check out the Surface launch videobelow, and more pics below that.

Update: You can download a Surface spec sheet here.




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