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Microsoft's Xbox 720 leak

18 Jun 2012

A leaked document apparently detailing the Xbox 720, including price and release date, has been pulled at the request of Microsoft’s lawyers.

The 56-page document, posted by an anonymous uploader to scribd.com, outlines a system eight times more powerful than the Xbox 360 that includes a Blu-ray drive and a new version of Kinect with HD video capture.

Other features include backwards compatibility with the 360, 4GBs of RAM and the inclusion of augmented glasses for use with the in-built Kinect.

An emphasis on cloud gaming can also be seen in the document, which actually says this will be the last generation of hardware gaming.

A 2012 launch of a so-called ‘Xbox 361’ gets a mention as a low-cost Xbox 360 aimed at "every person and room in your house” – which could well tie in with the 720’s cloud capabilities.

The apparent price tag for the next-gen console, according to this document, is US$299 (NZD $379), which is actually very cheap for a next-gen console and makes me more than a little sceptical about the number’s authenticity.

If it is legitimate, however, it could be a revelation with an in-built Kinect, Blu-Ray, and the ability to record and stream TV and movies (actually, put like that, it does look a little too good to be true – especially for that price).

The console also seems to neglect the core gamer, echoing the impressions from E3 that Microsoft will focus on media features and casual gamers while Sony targets core gamers with more powerful hardware.

Although Microsoft will neither confirm nor deny the authenticity of the document, it was pulled from scribd.com at the request of Covington & Burling, a law firm that represents Microsoft.

Do you think the features look legit? Post your comments below.