12 Jan 2011
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Mighty Ape launches Marketplaces - squares up to Trade Me

Mighty Ape has launched ‘Marketplaces’, which the firm says will “revolutionise” the way consumers sell pre-owned games, movies, books and music online.

Anyone familiar with the hugely popular Play.com in the UK will be familiar with how Marketplaces works. 

“If you're anything like us, you'll have a whole bunch of games, movies, books and music lying around the house that could be sold and turned into cold hard cash,” the company’s email alert of the new service reads.

“Online auctions are great, but it takes a long time to create listings and even longer to organise payment and delivery. We think we've come up with a better way, and we can't wait to show you…”

The details are:

It's free to list an item for sale

You only pay Mighty Ape a 9% success fee when your item sells. There's no listing fees or hidden extras to pay for.

Listing items is fast and easy

There's no fussing with photos and no witty words to write - it's all there already. Just choose your price and tell us what condition it's in. Done!

No more messing about

When your item sells, we supply you with the customer's delivery address and delivery instructions. No messing about with emails or waiting around for the customer to make contact.

Payments are safe and easy

Customers pay Mighty Ape using the same secure payment options they're used to. When delivery is confirmed, the funds are transferred into your Mighty Ape account, where you can spend it or cash out.

Sell to NZ's largest entertainment market

Hundreds of thousands of kiwis visit Mighty Ape every month looking for games, movies, books and music. They want what you're selling.

Trade Me looks safe for now but what it people started selling boats and houses? Have a look at the site and let us know where you'd rather sell your goods.

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