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Minecraft dev announces collaboration with Penny Arcade

02 Mar 2011

According to Kotaku, Mojang - the developer of the indie hit Minecraft - has announced its next game.

The game is called "Scrolls", and it's said to combine elements of collectible card gaming with table-top board games. Scrolls will feature writing by Penny Arcade's Jerry "Tycho" Holkins.

"Notch and I started discussing the idea of Scrolls nearly five years ago," said lead designer Jakob Porser to Kotaku. "We are both great fans of the CCG genre, but we felt that there were some common gameplay flaws in the available titles. We're excited to finally put all our thoughts into action with the realisation of Scrolls."

"Scrolls features the fun of collectible card games with the strategy element of board games, as players' placement of units, buildings and siege weapons on a game board are vital to victory," reads the press release. "Scrolls also offers a strong meta game strategy aspect, as players will assemble their collection of scrolls prior to entering battle mode. Spells, units, equipment and resources must be managed just right to be successful."

The game's official website has gone live, and will be updated as new details are released.