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Minecraft PS3 edition is dangerously addictive

15 Jan 2014

Even though Minecraft has been out on multiple platforms over the years and has sold over 33 million copies, the game was never released on the PlayStation 3 until now.

I must be one of the few people out there that has never played Minecraft before. That is until I got the chance to review it on the PS3. I always wondered why Minecraft so popular. Now that I have played the game myself, I now know why the game has become such a huge worldwide hit.

The best way to describe Minecraft is that it's a game that allows you to create anything you want simply by using coloured blocks. It's like a virtual LEGO playground that you can create and destroy at your own free will. There is no storyline or goal to achieve in the game, the main fun lies in your own imagination.

The "Creative Mode" is where you can pretty much do anything you want as you have all the materials you need to start building what you want. You have an infinite amount of blocks and time to start building/creating any masterpiece you can think of. Since I am a huge pro-wrestling fan, the first thing I made was a simple wrestling ring.

Minecraft WWE

The controls are surprisingly easy to master as the R2 button breaks things, and the L2 button places objects. You can play the game in third or first person and in the Creative Mode, you can also fly around to get to higher places if you're trying to create something huge like a skyscraper. All the materials you need a conveniently located in your inventory. You basically just choose what material you want and then just press the L2 button to place it in the game world and you're ready to start creating.

What I loved most about Minecraft is just the amount of things you can actually build in the game. I started off building a wrestling ring, but when I got the hang of the game, I then started to build an arena around the ring and even a steel cage! Once I completely mastered the game's controls, I then tried my best to replicate the ASB Tennis Centre in Central Auckland. The end result turned out better than I ever imagined.

If there is one thing to criticize about Minecraft, it's that building things can be very time consuming. On the PS3 version, you cannot copy and paste items so you will have the build things literally brick by brick. My huge wrestling ring and arena took nearly 9 hours to build in total while the ASB Tennis Centre took three hours to make.

Minecraft tennis

To try and rectify this, there is online and offline multplayer added to this game. You can work with your friends to build things which is a nice option to have if you're wanting to construct something very big.

The other main game mode in Minecraft is "Survival". This mode is reserved for hardcore gamers only because you have a life bar, scarce resources and a hunger meter too. It's like you're playing as Bear Grylls in an episode of Man vs. Wild. You will have to find resources to build shelter at night, hunt for your own food and make your own weapons too. There are various weird creatures that attack you in this game that includes zombies, spiders and more.

If you're like me and never played Minecraft before, don't wait any longer because it's great. The Creative Mode alone will occupy hours of your free time because you can literally build anything you like. It's like having a huge LEGO set, but you have an infinite amount of bricks at your disposal. Not to mention Minecraft the game is cheaper to buy than the LEGO toys you see at the shops nowadays...

Verdict 9/10