08 Mar 2011
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Monaco Corporation to cease gaming operations

Monaco Corporation has announced that, effective April 1st, the gaming division of its New Zealand operations will close.

In an email, Shaun Russell, sales and marketing manager for Monaco, cites "unforeseeable external pressures outside of our control” as the chief cause for the closure of its interactive software distribution operations.

Among the gaming clients represented by Monaco are SEGA, Square Enix, Ubisoft and THQ (which also includes Capcom in Australasia). Russell advises that the company will continue to distribute all products for its brands scheduled for release in March (such as THQ’s Homefront and SEGA's Shogun 2: Total War), and that new local distributors for each of the affected brands should be announced shortly.

It's understood that Monaco’s other operations will continue as per usual with clients such as Casio, Toshiba, Pioneer, TDK, Wharfedale and more.

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