03 Aug 2015
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N++ is an addictive PS4 game

By Damian Seeto

N++ may have one of the oddest names in PS4 history, but that doesn't stop it from being one of the most addictive games out there.  N++ lets you assume the role of a Ninja as this character has to complete each level by going through a door. It's easier said than done because each level is set with traps and other nasty obstacles in your way.  The premise of the game is simple which is why it is so addictive. To go to each door and exit the level, you must control the ninja to press a button so that the door opens first. Essentially your goal is to push the button, then go to the door to exit the level and go from there.  The controls are simplistic too, although this is a far from being a simple game. All you need to know is move the Ninja with the left stick, and make him jump by pressing the "X" button. That is basically it, as the rest is up to you to try and avoid all of the nasty traps that lie ahead.  The first few levels of N++ are basic and rather simple. The Ninja can scroll across vertical walls with ease as he can jump big distances and get to his goal. The only traps that lie ahead are land mines that are scattered throughout. However the more you progress, things get much more difficult.  The more you play the game, there will be even deadlier traps that are in the Ninja's way. This includes turrets with guns, turrets with lasers, ninja clones that get in your way, robots, electrical balls of thunder and the list goes on.  Sometimes the enemies aren't the only obstacle because the layout of the level can be difficult to overcome as well. Even though you are playing as a Ninja, he has his limitations because he can die falling off a great distance and he cannot jump too high. You will have to think throughout the game in order to solve the harder puzzles.  It's also worth mentioning that this is a game that you will die quite often. It is very difficult and not a game that is accessible to everyone. The difficulty curve is steep as the first few levels look like a breeze. The further you go, the more complex it becomes and it might give you a headache.  Speaking of headaches, the only major flaw of this game is how tiny everything is. It has very basic 2D graphics and the visuals are so tiny even though I was playing the game on a 32 inch HDTV. I had to play this game literally by standing in front of the TV. It's a shame they couldn't have made the game bigger.  However I do feel that they made the game look tiny on purpose because they wanted to cram a lot of content. There are literally over 2,360 levels in total. Not to mention there is a level editor too so you can play other levels created by the online community.  Another thing they added are multiplayer modes. There is Co-op where you and a friend can complete the levels together. Alternatively, there is also the Race mode where you compete with one another to see who can complete the levels in a faster amount of time.  Overall, N++ is one of the most addictive games I have played all year. I have only completed a few levels and I'm nowhere near finished with the 2360 stages that are on offer. A great game that sadly could have been much better if the graphics weren't so microscopic.  Verdict: 8/10  

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