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N4L hosts free Pond workshop

Kiwi teachers have the opportunity to attend a free workshop held by Network for Learning (N4L) this week.

The workshop revolves around Pond, the central collaborative online space created exclusively for New Zealand educators, and is part of Ultrafast Fibre’s three-day ‘Beyond Broadband’ expo at UCOL Whanganui, May 14-16.

“No matter where you are in your school or your career, Pond provides an incredible platform for bringing your team together to learn, share and grow,” says Pete Hall, N4L educator engagement lead.

Hall is a former deputy and acting principal and will lead the workshop. He believes educators deserve the kind of systems that make their days easier and their teaching more powerful.

“Our workshop will introduce some great ways for teachers to discover new resources and connect to the wider education community.

“By actively engaging in the Pond environment, you have the opportunity to connect not just with peers you already know, but with new people who share a mutual interest or speciality teaching subject,” he says.

N4L says that from a wider school perspective, Pond also makes it easier for schools to find and select providers of content and services – not necessarily educational or digital – that meet their needs.

The three-day Ultrafast Fibre ‘Beyond Broadband’ event also includes a series of free workshops for the community, students, and businesses.

To register for the workshops or find out more, visit www.gofaster.co.nz.