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NBA 2K16 is the definitive basketball game
Tue, 20th Oct 2015
FYI, this story is more than a year old

2K Sports has been riding high recently and NBA 2K16 is proof that this is indeed the best basketball video game series of all time. A few years ago, EA Sports' NBA Live series was seen as “credible”. That was until EA Sports took a break and the NBA Live series has never been the same again. Ever since 2K Sports acquired Michael Jordan for NBA 2K11, the series has gotten better and better each year. NBA 2K16 has most of the features from last year's game and is further proof why 2K is the best at making basketball games. The thing that makes NBA 2K16 so impressive is the number of teams that have been added. There are of course all of the current NBA teams plus many classic teams too. 2K Sports took this even further by adding 12 new classic teams from the 21st century too. Some of the famous teams added include the 2013 Miami Heat team and also the 2008 Boston Celtics just to name a few. Younger NBA fans will love the fact that these teams have been added and it's great that 2K Sports is catering to so many age groups. The actual gameplay is solid as ever as NBA 2K16 is without a doubt the most realistic portrayal of the sport. The game does feel similar to NBA 2K15 in a lot of ways, but they have added a few new touches to make the experience feel more life-like. One thing I noticed is that you can now take a shot after getting fouled. This feature allows you to take a free throw and this little feature was harder to achieve in older games. I also feel they made the shot meter more realistic too. It's slightly harder to make shots, but this is a good thing as it forces you to practice more to get better. The biggest new addition in NBA 2K16 is the MyCareer mode directed by Spike Lee. This new mode is almost like watching a movie as your character will journey from being a high-school prodigy to becoming a legit NBA star. Your character will play a few games in high school, and then play in college. After that, your character will get drafted into the NBA like in real life to play with the pros. Some of the cutscenes in the mode run a bit too long, but it's still entertaining to watch nonetheless. Presentation has always been awesome in the NBA 2K and it's still impressive here in NBA 2K16. It almost feels like you are watching an actual live broadcast because the graphics are so detailed and creepily life-like. They've added more interviews from the players and commentary too. If there is anything bad to say about NBA 2K16, it's that it does feel too similar to last year's game in a lot of ways. Sure the game is still solid and everything, but I don't feel this year has added too many actual new features to make it feel unique. Still, basketball fans should pick up NBA 2K16 if they want to experience what it is like being an NBA player. The game is still very solid and represents everything you want in a sports video game. Verdict: 8.0/10