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New $45 unlimited mobile data plan with perks from MyRepublic
Mon, 9th Oct 2023

MyRepublic, an Asia-Pacific telecoms operator, has just launched a new mobile data plan, MyRepublic Plus, which seeks to provide consumers with unlimited mobile data capped at 40 Mbps for a modest $45 per month. This comprehensive plan also includes 20GB of hotspot usage, unlimited calls and texts to New Zealand and Australia, and has the added benefits of being 5G ready, WiFi calling enabled, and being on a flexible month to month basis with no extensive contracts in sight.

The company's continuous innovation in its mobile offerings comes in spite of its recent exit from the broadband market. MyRepublic views the surge of new entrants in the Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) space as an exciting opportunity to deliver highly competitive services and plans like MyRepublic Plus, which could prove to be advantageous for New Zealand consumers.

According to the annual telecommunications monitoring report recently presented by the Commerce Commission, the average mobile data download speed of the three primary mobile network operators (MNOs) was found to be 38 Mbps, affirming the generous fail-safe speed offered in the new MyRepublic Plus plan.

James Whittome, NZ Head of Product and Marketing at MyRepublic, is particularly optimistic about the impact of the burgeoning competition in the market on Kiwi consumers facing rising costs. He states, "We were the first mobile service provider to introduce truly unlimited mobile data plans with no throttle, no contracts, and at affordable prices".

Whittome encourages New Zealanders to apply the same vigilance they exhibit while shopping around for the best power provider to their mobile service providers. He points out that "the whole mobile market is moving towards unlimited data, giving consumers more choice than ever to pick the speed they need, and only pay for what they use".

Commenting on the 'vanity speeds' offered by other operators, Whittome highlights, "Even if you’re on an expensive max speed plan, on average you won’t be getting a download speed of more than 40 Mbps. Why waste money on vanity speeds you can’t get and don’t need anyway?".

Moreover, with the Plus plan's competitive speed, subscribers will have no trouble streaming their favourite show in 4K on Netflix, watching a high-profile live sports match, or playing games on the go. The Plus plan also ensures that data hogs will never have their speed throttled to a crawl during the peak period of their billing cycle.

The Plus plan serves as a worthy successor to the earlier MyRepublic Starter launched in March 2023, offering an unlimited 2 Mbps data plan for just $25 per month. MyRepublic continues to facilitate the growth of its mobile business after its departure from the broadband market and jostles for place with the increasing number of MVNOs covering 98.5% of the NZ population.