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New information sharing system introduced for Kiwis on the West Coast

The West Coast health system has introduced HealthOne, a new electronic patient information system to assist health professionals with continuity of care.

HealthOne’s secure system allows healthcare providers to view information about a person including GP records, allergies, hospital discharge summaries, prescribed medications and test results. Only authorised healthcare providers such as doctors, nurses and pharmacists can access that information.

David Meates, West Coast and Canterbury District Health Board chief executive, says HealthOne will mean better, safer and faster care.

“What it means is that if for some reason you can’t remember what medications you’re on, or you are unconscious, your health carers will be able to quickly check records and make sure they treat you accordingly,” Mr Meates says.

Individual health information is only available to the people caring for a patient, and checks are in place to monitor how records are accessed.

The types of information recorded will include pharmacy records of dispensed medications, including dosages, and hospital discharge summaries and outpatient letters from visits to West Coast and Canterbury hospitals.

A complete set of any laboratory and radiology tests from the West Coast and Canterbury and a summary of GP records including diagnoses, prescribed medications and allergies/medical warnings will also be recorded.

HealthOne replaces an earlier system in use on the coast, Share for Care.

People are able to opt off if they do not wish for their information to be shared. They can also tell their healthcare provider or pharmacies during a visit or consultation.