15 Oct 2014
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New Kiwi app to protect all the bunnies

By Shannon Williams

SAFE has released bits ‘bunny protector’- a new mobile phone app that will help shoppers avoid animal-tested products on the go.

The SAFEshopper Cruelty-free NZ app is the first of its kind in New Zealand. The app will display a list of cosmetics, personal care, and household products available in New Zealand, that are not tested on animals.

SAFE’s head of campaigns, Mandy Carter, says “there are many easy-to-find brands that are hugely successful without harming any animals and it just goes to show how unnecessary animal testing is”.

Testing animals for cosmetics purposes is not illegal in New Zealand and companies that test overseas can also sell their products here.

“We’re working hard to get a New Zealand ban and an import ban but until that happen it’s important for shoppers to look out for cruelty-free products. SAFEshopper makes that easy”.

Features of the app include:

  • Search or browse companies alphabetically and by product categories
  • Use direct links to company websites
  • Continually updated

Available on both iPhone and Android mobile devices.


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