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New Zealand-specific PlayStation news ahoy!

Sony Computer Entertainment New Zealand has detailed some of its products and services for PlayStation consoles in the lead-up to Christmas.

First and foremost, the long-awaited driving simulator Gran Turismo 5 will finally launch in New Zealand stores on November 4th.

A new streaming service called MUBI will launch on an unspecified date before Christmas. MUBI will provide "a library of acclaimed independent and classic films curated by movie experts, and the application is anticipated to attract not only a local, but global cinema community".

Also announced is that two new PS3 models with extra storage are headed to New Zealand stores. A 320GB model can be purchased from September 16th and a 160GB model from September 23rd.

Sony has also confirmed that PlayStation Move launches on September 16th along with a range of launch titles including Sports Champions, Start the Party, Kung Fu Rider, EyePet Move Edition. These titles will be followed up with the likes of The Fight, Heavy Rain Move Edition, SingStar Dance and more before Christmas.

Finally, a new range of PSP Essentials launches from September 2nd, providing "classic games at pocket-money prices". Among the titles in the PSP Essentials range are Ratchet & Clank, Daxter, Burnout Legends, The Sims 2 and WipeEout Pulse. PSP Essentials will retail for $19.95.

"PlayStation 3 has continued to enjoy unprecedented uplift in sales over the past year and is set to really take off this Christmas," said David Hine, sales and marketing director for Sony Computer Entertainment New Zealand. "With more and more innovations being added to the PlayStation 3, one thing consumers can count on is that with firmware upgrades, PlayStation 3 is truly future proofed and consumers will enjoy their investment for a long time to come."