26 Mar 2012
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News: Apple TV UI, a few Apple patents, organising with Subler, and more!

By Benny Ling

A story has leaked from a former Apple engineer who says the current user interface on the Apple TV is an old design that was previously rejected by Steve Jobs. There are those that agree, with many saying it's reminiscent of an older version of iOS, and there are even others that say it has a certain cheap and tacky look to it. And then there's this article from The Next Web, where Matthew Panzarino says for better or worse, the new Apple TV UI is about familiarity and touch control.

Any time a new Apple patent is released, it's always great to imagine what kind of products could be produced. This time around, Patently Apple shows off a few more patents — some to do with audio crossfading (possibly for GarageBand), another to do with an antenna assembly not too dissimilar to the one seen in the iPod touch, and yet another to do with dual image sensors for better cameras.  

Subler for Mac is all about organising and tagging your media for iTunes, and if the Mac AppStorm review is anything to go by, it does quite a nice job of it. You could probably use something like Hazel to do a similar thing, but Subler has a nice interface that's easy to use.

Macworld show you how to use the linen found in quite a lot of places in Apple software these days as a nice, subtle background on your Mac.

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