20 Mar 2012
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News: developer preview features, answers from the community, Itsy, and more!

By Benny Ling

The second developer preview of Mountain Lion has unveiled a few new features, including the ability to sync Safari tabs across machines using iCloud, as well as having notifications from Twitter appear in Notification Center.

Syncing of tabs via iCloud is particularly nice, as you can see tabs from other computers (running Mountain Lion) on one computer, a feature that will no doubt go to iOS devices in the future. The Apple online store has added a feature called "Answers from the Community" to product pages on the Apple online store, where users can ask questions to other owners of Apple products.

It seems like a good feature, especailly where users can find out answers to questions that relate to a product they might potentially buy. It's more iOS-related than Mac, but the One More Thing conference for iOS developers is happening once again in Australia. It's aimed at iOS developers, but it's not like a traditional programming conference. It does have a stellar line-up of incredibly talented people in the iOS space though, so head over to the website and check it out.

Itsy is a small Twitter client for the Mac that's more about minimalism rather than anything else. The Mac AppStorm review says there's no multiple account support, but all that minimalism comes at the cost of a few features: there's no way to view a user's profile or replies, for example.

An entertaining read from Ars Technica, who detail the life of an Apple liveblogger. Apparently it isn't quite as glamerous as people may think, but you do get to travel every time there's an Apple event, and you do have quite a bit of work to do.

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