06 May 2012
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News: tangible file transfer concept, Mastered for iTunes in-depth, iTunes double-billing, and more!

By Benny Ling

The Verge shows us a concept video by designer Ishac Bertran for tangible file transfers between a Mac and an iPhone. The devices detect proximity to each other, which triggers a semi-circle to appear on either device, allowing users to swipe photos or other kinds of files and documents across to their iPhone. It's a good concept, and solves the issue of users not knowing how/what to do if they're wirelessly transferring files between devices, and I'm sure it could work between computers too (although arguably AirDrop already does a pretty good job of that).

Ars Technica has an in-depth look at Mastered for iTunes, the new program from Apple that increases the quality of music sold on the iTunes Store. They answer the question of whether Mastered for iTunes really makes music sound better by doing an analysis of the music files. There's quite a bit of technical discussion on how music is mastered and the compression used, so read on if you're at all curious about mastering music.  

A man has sued Apple for more than US $5 million in a class-action lawsuit that claims iTunes and other apps double-bill on a regular basis. The man was double-charged for a purchased song and refused a refund after contacting iTunes support, because of the iTunes Store Terms of Sale which stated that all sales are final.

Time Sink is a Mac app that keeps track of what apps you use on a daily basis, and summarises that information for you. It means you can easily see what kind of apps and activities you spend you time on, for better time management.

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