11 Jun 2014
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NZ’s ed tech export growth boosted by global trends

Educational technology companies in NZ are being provided with big opportunities in export growth, thanks to worldwide trends in the sector.

“Some of the major trends are now working in our favour,” Chris Meade, Head of Strategy for Designworks in Wellington, says.“We are no longer isolated from new markets and increasingly students and consumers prefer to interact remotely, on their terms. This all presents a great opportunity for market growth.”

Meade, who is presenting at the EdTech for Export 2014 (eT4e) in Wellington next week, says that while incredible opportunities exist for ed tech companies, so do some major challenges.

“Companies need to build an enduring business presence and value beyond a current product idea or need which may rapidly change or be copied. There are a plethora of businesses all diving into the same space and you need to define the end value you will have for your customers.”

The eT4e conference is being held on the 19 and 20 June, and is organised by Grow Wellington and Education New Zealand. Together with his team, Meade uses multi-disciplinary design practices geared at helping businesses, including export-led business, to solve challenges and grow.

“I’m definitely looking forward to the conference. The tech community in Wellington is already collaborative and our education sector has an excellent reputation. The cross-pollination of thinking across the sectors can only help power creation.”

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