NZ's gaming trade body levels up

01 Jul 10

The Interactive Software Association of New Zealand has changed its name and structure to better represent the constantly changing face of the gaming industry.

No longer will ISANZ be known as ISANZ. From now on the trade body will be known as the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association (iGEA), focusing on developing stronger ties with its members, businesses, government and the wider community.

Mark Goodacre, Director of iGEA, said, “With the interactive entertainment industry growing at such a rapid pace, forming a strategic alliance with the iGEA will allow the trade body to share market insight and resources to better cater to a diverse and growing audience.”

Aside from keeping the mainstream press in check and making sure they don’t portrait mature video games in a constant bad light, the body should also try to make sure New Zealand gamers don’t have to wait months for certain games to launch, such as Super Mario Galaxy 2, which finally rolled up to your shores today.

You can find out more about what the trade body does here. How do you want the organisation to represent you, the New Zealand gamer?

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