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One small step for Microsoft… one giant leap for Mac users

19 Mar 2014

OneNote for Mac is today available for free download from the Mac App Store, as Microsoft delivers three versions of its electronic note-taking application to the public.

Becoming the first time the app has been made accessible via Apple’s iOS platform, OneNote is now accessible on a wide variety of platforms.

“OneNote for Mac is available for the first time and for free,” says David Rasmussen, Partner Group Program Manager, OneNote team.

“With this, OneNote is now available on all the platforms you care about: PC, Mac, Windows tablets, Windows Phone, iPad, iPhone, Android and the Web. And they’re always in sync.”

In an additional boost for OneNote users, the application is now free everywhere including the Windows PC desktop and Mac version, with premium features also available to paid customers.

Furthermore, the OneNote service now provides a cloud API enabling any application to connect to it, designed to make it easier to capture ideas, information and inspirations from more applications and more places straight into OneNote.

“When we started OneNote we set out to revolutionise the way people capture, annotate, and recall all the ideas, thoughts, snippets and plans in their life,” Rasmussen adds.

“As many of you have attested, OneNote is the ultimate extension for your brain, but it’s not complete if it’s not instantly available everywhere.

“We’ve already made a lot of progress in that direction with our mobile, tablet and online web experiences. But there was still a gap.

“People frequently asked us for OneNote on Mac, and for more ways to capture content.

“Today is a huge step forward for OneNote. We’ve made it easier to use OneNote no matter what platform you’re on, and easier than ever to send anything into OneNote.

“But we’re not stopping here. We’re continually improving OneNote across our applications and service, and working with partners so you can take note of anything and keep it in your digital memory.”

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