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Periscope's new discovery features put on a show for your cameras

02 Aug 2016

Avid Periscope users may have noticed a few changes to the video streaming app over the last few weeks, including a "Highlights' feature, a better, larger 'Watch' tab and 'Global feed' that autoplays any broadcasts that are happening live.

And because Periscope is owned by Twitter, the new update also allows users to web embed within their tweets.

Periscope's new 'highlights' feature automatically makes a short trailer full of the 'interesting moments' from every broadcast feed. These highlights clips can be viewed in the last 24 hours via your home feed, via any Periscope user's profile, or through manual searches.

Twitter embeds of Periscope content are one of the big selling points of the new update, providing live and mobile content through a simple linked tweet.

Periscope says that this will benefit Periscope broadcasters as they can take their content much further, and it will also benefit viewers as they can find content more easily, watch it and replay it through the web, instead of having to download the app.

Periscope is boasting some impressive numbers since its launch in March 2015 - they've been named Apple's App of the Year, generated more than 110 years of streaming video every day. So far Periscope users have made more than 200 million live broadcasts.

"We've seen incredible growth on Periscope during the past year. It's hard to keep up with all of the live content shared by Periscope broadcasters around the world. So we built a way to easily watch automatically generated highlights of each broadcast. We've also made it easy for publishers to embed playable broadcasts anywhere on the web. We often see articles reference specific Periscopes with screenshots or manual recordings. Now, publishers can easily embed the Periscope itself by simply embedding a tweet," says Periscope CEO and co-founder Kayvon Beykpour.

The updated app is available through Android and iOS. 

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