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Philips launches entry-level LED display range globally
Fri, 29th Mar 2024

Philips Professional Displays Services (PPDS) has announced the introduction of its inaugural 'entry-level' LED display range, termed the Philips Public LED 5000 Series, delivering new opportunities and value to businesses wanting to enhance their indoor communications, according to the company.

The new Philips Public LED 5000 Series is available across the globe, including the APAC region. With a focus on price accessibility, this portfolio caters to all requirements within indoor and outdoor display solutions. The release of this entry-level set reflects PPDS' consistent commitment to ensuring its display offerings meet the precise needs of the industry and its clientele.

This cost-friendly LED solution is ideal for augmenting a variety of indoor public spaces, such as retail stores, shopping centres, corporate spaces, theatres, stadiums, casinos and others. With an appealing price point, it empowers more businesses to advantageously adopt this engaging display technology. Jeroen Brants, Global Product Director for Philips dvLED displays at PPDS, stated, “The Philips Public 5000 Series is our most investment-friendly LED solution to date. Keyed by market demand and the growing appeal of dvLED in public areas, we've expanded our portfolio to address all needs and budgets. This was a need expressed by both our existing and potential partners and customers, and we're thrilled to have delivered."

Specially scripted with versatility and flexibility, the Philips Public LED 5000 Series comes in 44 (500 x 1000mm) and 28 (500 x 500mm) panel variations. Its diverse pixel pitch options support a range of viewing distances, vastly simplifying concepting and implementation efforts. Further equipped with up to 500 nit brightness and 150-degree viewing angles, it ensures optimum visual performance across varying indoor environments with consistent lighting.

The installation process, often a challenging aspect, has been simplified with this series. A significant reduction in the time and cost of installation is achieved due to the unique design offering. The 44 and 28 panel variants can also be seamlessly interchanged, coupled with Smart Rotation design, facilitating installation in either portrait or landscape modes. These features also contribute to the reduction of square metre costs for installations by up to 40% in certain instances.

The Philips Public LED 5000 Series also marks a significant first for PPDS with its support for both wall-mountable and ceiling hoisting installations. A boon for retail and shopping centre environments and places of worship, these displays can be safely hoisted from a ceiling to a maximum display height of five metres. Brants added on this point, saying, "At PPDS, we recognise the evolution and impressive impact LED technology is having so it's vital we meet the varying ambitions of our customers and partners."

Beyond the display portfolio, PPDS also ensures that customer installations - be it nearby or at a distance - are always presented with utmost precision. With features like built-in cable management, specific connection designs and protective elements, operational seamlessness, faster installation times, and increased reliability can be maintained. Additionally, the modular design allows for easy front-facing access, essential for any troubleshooting or replacements, hence minimising potential downtimes.

Martijn van der Woude, VP Global Marketing and Business Development at PPDS, highlighted, "Our evolution from a new entrant to a trusted partner in the dvLED market can be attributed to our strong listening and response capacity. That’s where the Philips Public LED 5000 Series was conceived and designed – by answering the need for an entry-level LED range."