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Plantronics adds five new products across the BackBeat FIT and BackBeat GO lines

18 Sep 2018

When it comes to technology, there are  few products that run a close second to my wife... Plantronics are one of those. A while ago I reviewed their noise-cancelling headphones, along with their FIT and GO range. To date, Plantronics have given my ears some of the most comfortable in-the-ear experiences I’ve had. 

The BackBeat GO range are absolutely the most comfortable headphones I’ve tried. I’ve been known to head off on errands still wearing them. You can imagine how much I’m frothing at the bit to try their latest additions. My contact from Plantronics passed this on to me:

“Today in Australia, Plantronics announced five new additions to their range, and I thought you should be the first to know. Those of you who need your tunes whether you’re working out or waiting for the next flight will be pricking your ears with interest right now. These products are so new I’ve only seen the photos so this is in effect my first ever STOP PRESS announcement!”

My contact at Plantronics says, “This is the biggest consumer launch yet from Plantronics and provides consumers with a variety of new Plantronics headsets to meet their personal style, preferences and desired experiences with the quality Plantronics is known for in terms of durability.   Designed with active individuals in mind;

  • The BackBeat FIT 3100 will “unleash your workouts” and you will hear your surroundings with Always Aware eartips for safer training in any environment
  • IP57-rated sweatproof and waterproof design
  • Soft, flexible, secure-fit earloops offer comfort and stability
  • Up to 5 hours of wireless listening plus 10 extra hours with the charging case
  • New My Tap feature offers customisation through the BackBeat app

BackBeat FIT 2100 

  • are must-haves for any fitness and sport enthusiast. Featuring Plantronics’ signature Always Aware design, these new units allow the listener to hear what truly matters when exercising outdoors.
  • The lightweight BackBeat GO 410 earbuds are the latest and greatest in travel technology. With Active Noise Cancelling you can tune out those noisy airports, public transport commutes and long flights and get some shut-eye.

I’ve tested the BackBeat GO in extreme situations, watching Netflix on my laptop in the living room while simultaneously chatting to her indoors. This Active Noise Cancelling is amazing.

I’m still not sure what my love interest means by “selective ear-rings” but I guess I need to get my ear pierced first. Anyway, you can doubtless tell from this passage that I’m on a hiding to nothing and that Plantronics will protect your ears but not necessarily your hide. 

Plantronics added that the:

  • BackBeat FIT 2100 is the newest version of the consumer favourite BackBeat FIT. Runners and active people across the globe know and trust the quality and durability of this wireless headset. The new 2100 improves a person’s experience with the Always Aware design.
  • BackBeat FIT 350 delivers another wireless wearing style option for gym-goers with stability and up to six hours of listening time, optimised for situations where you want to hear your music – not the grunting of the power lifter nearby.
  • BackBeat GO 810 are wireless, over-the-ear headphones that pack up to 28 hours of listening time for commuters and travellers, so they can focus on what matters amid the clamour of an airport, an airplane, commuter bus or subway.

The products are available today in Australia. I’m guessing that their New Zealand release will be following closely, but meanwhile, you can check out more details on their website, along with the Australian pricing. 

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