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PlayStation VR Game Impressions: Headmaster and Here They Lie
Wed, 19th Oct 2016
FYI, this story is more than a year old

With so many PlayStation VR games out there, we've decided to talk about two VR titles in one post. The games come from very different genres. First up there's Headmaster which is a VR game based on the sport of soccer/football. Instead of using your feet, this game focuses solely on scoring headers.  At first I was hesitant to play this game as I thought I would get sick bopping my head up and down constantly. Thankfully, Headmaster was one of the few VR games that I actually enjoyed and didn't get sick playing.  The thing that makes this game so playable is that you just stand in one position as you try and maneuver your own head to score goals. The balls can come from several different directions and you have to tilt your head accordingly to score.  The physics in this game are amazing as it really felt like I was heading balls into the goals. Any slight movement of your head changes the trajectory of the ball dramatically. The game also takes into account the speed you tilt your head as well.  Headmaster is also one of those games that anybody can really enjoy. All you have to do is score high points by aiming the balls into the targets. Even though the game does get harder, it's accessible to everyone.  The latter levels are where things get more interesting. You can unlock different types of items such as bombs that may allow you to clear some space. The position of the points get harder too as you may have to aim high or very low depending on the circumstances. All in all, Headmaster is a fun game if you love soccer/football. It's worth getting if you own a PlayStation VR device and want to play something that's not too intense.   Here They Lie  Next up we have a very different PlayStation VR game in the form of Here They Lie. If you loved the P.T. or even Resident Evil 7 demo, then this game is kind of in a similar boat. It's pretty much a game set in first-person as you move around in a mysterious black and white environment. You use the left analogue stick to move your character while your head controls the general direction you are aiming towards.  Unfortunately, Here They Lie fell into the category of games that actually made me sick the longer I played it. It's due to two things. One I cannot tolerate forward movement in VR games and also the black and white graphics don't look all that pretty. The latter statement makes sense since this is a horror game after all.  I let my brother play for a while and he tolerated forward movement better than I could. As for the game itself, it's very slow paced as it can take a long time for you to see anything happen. That's not to say the game is bad, it's all about building the tension until something spooks you.  The game does make you want to keep playing it as you want to find out what happens and why you have to follow the woman in a yellow dress. It's not a bad game, but true horror fanatics might be better off waiting for Resident Evil 7 to come out instead.