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PS4 Delay? Or just greater demand?

According to ‘skewed and reviewed’ people who have ordered the PlayStation 4 for day one release, many could be left frustrated and ultimately disappointed.

Upon hearing reports of ‘cryptic messages’ and emails from pre-order stockists, a gaming reporter decided to do some investigating of his own.

Checking with a pre-order one customer had placed with Amazon, the journo received the following email:

"Thank you for shopping with us. We’d like to let you know that Amazon has received your order, and is preparing it for shipment.

"Your estimated delivery date is: Monday, January 6, 2014 – Wednesday, January 8, 2014."

Since all the people checked with are day one pre-orders, either the supply of new PlayStation 4 consoles is going to be very limited.

Or perhaps the January date signifies a later release date than fans had originally intended as most of them had been expecting the new consoles somewhere around November 2014.

However as somebody who regularly purchases through Amazon, they generally do not commit to a ship date without a pretty good understanding of one product will be available.

The standard line has always been, we have received your order and will ship once the product is ready, with an e-mail as verification.

Seeking further confirmation, the reporter went to his local game store as he often speaks with the staff there, apparently.

The employee told him Microsoft has only allocated a very small amount of Xbox One units to retailers for launch, with such tactic allowing the tech giant to count when they have sold out of pre-orders as well as create demand for the unit through orders that will be filled in the weeks and months ahead.

Sony on the other hand has set no limits as to their pre-orders according to the reporter.

As a result, he believes that several customers’ who pre-ordered expecting a day one release, will actually receive their unit for several months or weeks down the road when supplies start to catch up with demand.

The hack added there will likely be some very upset people who thought they would be getting a day one shipment as a pre-ordered at the first available date from their retailer but will find out that they may not see unit for a few months after street date.

Have you pre-ordered a next-gen console? Do you believe it will arrive on launch day? Tell us your thoughts below