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PS4 or Xbox One? Game Console decides...

So a huge amount of information about 'Day One' releases and online features have been announced from Gamescom over the few days.

The PlayStation 4 will make Twitch its main form of gamer streaming and community sharing, while Xbox One will use ‘Trending’ and ‘Game DVR’ to allow you to upload and share gaming clips.

Thanks to the PS4 being so gamer friendly, Microsoft has gone back on many of the features that gamers are not convinced by, thus improving aspects to bring the Xbox One to a relatively level playing field.

With all that said, I am still not convinced that DRM has disappeared from our lives and I have a feeling it may re-appear in a system update further down the line.

Now to the choice of console at launch: Many critics claim it is the gaming line-up of the two consoles that will determine success or failure – so which one to choose?

Based purely on ‘Day One’ and first releases, I would choose the Xbox One.

Now before you all throw your coffees and TANK juices in the air let me try to explain why.

The main first release game I was looking forward to for the PS4 is Outlast, but I can get this on the PC instead without shelling out for a PS4. Granted, I am looking forward to Titanfall on the Xbox One and this is also available on PC.

Overall, the Xbox One line-up is far superior at launch in my eyes.

I am also an Indie game fan and Microsoft has opened up the platform to Indie gamers, although I will most likely stick to PC for those titles at first.

Throw into the mix that Microsoft are increasing their server numbers from around 15,000 to 300,000 and it means there is less pressure on developers to maintain their own servers as Microsoft will maintain them instead, meaning multi-player gaming and support will be available for titles for longer.

Also, Microsoft seem to have spent a lot more time with developers adding exclusive and available first on Xbox Live content than PS4 games.

As I stated this is based purely for ‘Day One’ release and over time the PS4 may come to have a stronger game library, but for what is available right now I would choose Xbox One.

What will you buy? PS4 or Xbox One? Tell us your thoughts below