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Review: Acronis True Image Home 2011

01 Nov 2010

Acronis True Image Home is a program designed to make the often confusing and convoluted (but no less essential) process of backing up your computer as painless and as simple as possible. Computer failure really can come right out of the blue, so True Image Home will help to ensure that you’re not caught out.

Once it’s all set up and installed, backing up your entire computer really is as simple as one mouse click. The bad news, however, is that it will likely take quite some time to complete, at least the first time around: my initial backup process (on my local hard drive) took the better part of five hours.

One of the truly great things about True Image Home 2011 is its versatility. Users with limited storage space are still supported with a backup scheme to suit, and likewise for those users with a need for higher backup security. Simply select the scheme that best suits your requirements and means, and you’re away.

On the other hand, that versatility isn’t always easy to uncover. It’s not immediately apparent what certain functions do, and it can take a fair amount of random exploration through the interface before some of the more useful features reveal themselves. Even something like creating bootable media — which should be one of the core features — can be buried within the interface and is not always obvious.

One particularly interesting inclusion, though, is called ‘Try & Decide’. Essentially, it’s a ‘safe mode’ that allows you to install software, visit websites and open email attachments without fear of permanent changes to your computer. It’s perfect for the curious out there, or for those who are often caught out by trick URLs and attachments.

PROS: A very comprehensive offering. Supports USB 3.0 standard transfer.

CONS: Many of the features aren’t well explained and may be lost on novice users.

VERDICT: It’s a very useful and powerful program, but perhaps better suited to mid-range or advanced computer users.