01 Jul 2012
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Review: Air NZ mPass App

By Shannon Williams

If you travel a lot, or even just regularly, this little app could end up becoming your best friend. Air NZ mPass for iOS and Android takes enough of the pain out of checking in to make the worst part of travelling bearable, if not enjoyable. 

If you have airpoints and you’ve logged into that account, your flights should sync with the mPass app; if for some reason that hasn’t happened, you can add flights manually simply entering abooking reference number and your family name.

When flying domestically you simply need your phone and a form of photo ID in order to board the flight. If you need to check in luggage you can swipe the flight barcode at a self service kiosk or do it manually at a check in desk.  From there you simply swipe the barcode at the gate, take your printed boarding pass with your seat number on it and board. It really is that easy.

For an international flight, you will obviously need your passport and your eTicket to check in and mPass will allow you to check your flight status, gate, and seat number.

But wait there’s more — the app also has terminal guides(no more getting lost in a strange airport), the ability to track your airpoints, and  links to call a nationwide taxi service and Air NZ itself to make new bookings.

The app itself is crisp, tidy, and simple to use, which goes a long way to side stepping the desire to ‘just do it the old way because it’s easier’.

I’m sure this app is going to evolve rapidly and offer more services to users - so be sure to keep a close eye on it.


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