01 Dec 2009
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Review: Aiss010 All-In-One Entertainment Unit

The AISS010 combines everything: speakers, subwoofers, an FM radio, iPod dock (audio only), DVD, USB and SD card inputs, all in one competitively priced unit. All you need to provide is a television of some description to sit on top, preferably flat panel and HDMI enabled. For this reason, it’s a pretty compelling proposition for someone looking to set up an entertainment centre in one whack. However, be wary when considering this as an all-encompassing home theatre solution. With a bit of playing around, the speakers and subwoofers can be calibrated to sound pretty decent, although their fixed positioning in the cabinet is rather limiting. Also, you’ll have to provide your own Blu-ray player if you want to fully utilise the AISS010’s HDMI output.

PROS: Covers most multimedia requirements in one device. Competitively priced.

CONS: Limited speaker configuration by design. Near wasted implementation of an HDMI output without a Blu-ray drive.

VERDICT: Perhaps more of a kids’-rumpus-room solution than a home-theatre solution, the AISS010 does deliver an impressive amount of functionality for the price.

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