01 Jan 2011
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AOC Review

Review: Aoc E2243FW Led Monitor

At 1.29cm in thickness, the AOC E2243FW is reportedly the world’s slimmest monitor. However, the base (into which you connect the video input and power supply) still prevents you from placing it hard up against a wall. Perhaps the major benefit of its slim profile is that it can fold back on top of the base for easy and compact storage.

Unfortunately, the height of this 22-inch monitor cannot be adjusted. If you place it on a flat surface, the viewing angle will be rather low (where the recommended viewing angle should see the display at eye level). This won’t be a problem if your desk has a raised platform for monitors, though, and the base of the E2243FW can be fixed to a wall. However, when mounted, the base still prevents it from going completely flat against the wall. Also, the inputs plug directly into the back of the base (as opposed to the panel), which again complicates the possibility of any saved space. It just seems a little odd that the E2243FW’s slim profile offers no way to utilise the obvious benefits.

There’s also no HDMI output on this monitor (with support for DVI and VGA only). It’s not a dealbreaker, as it’s clear that this monitor is intended more as an office aid than an entertainment display. That’s not to detract from the excellent image clarity, either. Its 22-inch LED backlit widescreen panel produces a very clear and vibrant image.

There are five “touch” buttons on the monitor’s base, but unfortunately menu navigation is a clumsy process that will take some trial and error to figure out.

PROS: Nice, vivid and sharp picture. Extremely thin and compact. Attractive, space age design. Versatile base can also be used for wall mounting.

CONS: No HDMI output. The height is not adjustable, so it’s best suited to raised platforms or wall mounting. Menu navigation is clumsy.

VERDICT: A very affordable monitor, but a few corners have been cut to get it that way. The display image is really quite nice, though, so it’s worth a look if HDMI out isn’t absolutely essential.

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