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Review: Belkin Screen Guard Transparent Protector for iPad

Fri 1 Jun 2012
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Most people who have tablets or a smartphone will protect their screens by slapping on a screen protector. However, some choose not to, seeing as screens now are often 'scratch resistant'.

Belkin Screen Guard - Transparent Protector for iPad 3rd Generation comes with two screen protectors, a cleaning cloth and card to smooth it onto your screen – great value for money!


  • Screen guard is transparent and virtually undetectable.
  • Acts as a barrier to stop scratches and protects your high-value device.
  • Easily replaceable.
  • Cleaning cloth is essential as it removes unwanted dust and other particles prior to application.
  • If the screen guard is not positioned properly, it can be easily removed and adjusted.
  • Includes two screen guards.
  • Fits the new iPad perfectly.
  • The two-step process makes it simple to apply.
  • If you've never had any experience applying a screen guard, it may be a bit tricky. Be patient.
  • A larger smoothing card would have been ideal.
The Verdict

Spending just a fraction of the cost of an iPad on a Belkin Screen Guard is definitely worthwhile. It has great value as the pack contains a set of two screen guards, so if you're a first-time screen guard fitter, you always have a back-up in case your first attempt fails.

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