01 Nov 2010
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Review: Clickfree C2 Automatic Backup

Simply plug the Clickfree Automatic Backup unit into your computer via one of its USB ports and open the drive in your ‘My Computer’ directory. The device will then automatically scan your computer’s hard drives for important file types (over 500 different file types ranging from photos to text documents to videos and “other” files). You can browse the files stored on the Clickfree drive on any computer and browse your files in the same directory structure used on the backed-up computer. Restoring files is as simple as selecting them and then hitting “restore” or good old drag-and-drop.

Users should note, though, that the C2 simply backs up files, and not applications and operating systems. This is, however, much more efficient as while applications and operating systems can simply be reloaded, many files cannot.

PROS: The option of either a USB dock or a handy fold-out USB connection means that it’s both portable and can be stored easily on your desk.

CONS: A little too automatic, depriving the user of some options.

VERDICT: An easy-to-use and relatively affordable back-up device.

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