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Review: Corel VideoStudio Pro Ultimate X6

VideoStudio Pro X6 by Corel is a video editing application designed to bring professional grade capabilities to the home user in an easy to use package.

Features such as motion tracking, HTML 5 video creation, 3D movie making, motion tracking, screen capture and the ability to edit 4K video are wrapped up in Corel’s simple 1-2-3 workspace.

VideoStudio Pro X6 Ultimate adds actual professional special effects plugins that will make your video not just studio quality, but broadcast worthy.

But is there too much functionality and not enough usability?


* It edits 4K video, if you’ve a GoPro HD Hero 3 Black, this software was designed for you!

* Capturing or importing footage is simple from a range of sources and formats including DSLRs

* The 1-2-3 workspace combined with drag and drop effects make editing and sharing easy

* Handles most video clips with fast rendering of effects, the preview window can show straight away

* A range 0f pre-sets allow for easy online sharing to online video and social media sites

* New templates and features downloadable from Corel's Help & Support portal


* The support hampers the usability of the application. There’s no in-app search, no walkthrough on initial start-up and the help videos are for the previous version X5

* Advanced features are hidden away and can sometimes be counter intuitive to find


VideoStudio Pro X6 offers more functionality then some of its main competitors, with some very impressive features.

However, its lack of in-app support means new users can get frustrated with the system and have to switch between the support document and the interface.

Editing is simple using the 1-2-3 workspace and after a short time you find the hidden advanced features, but it is a trial and error method rather than intuitive or clear.

With VideoStudio Pro X6, speed is the key. It’s fast and quick to render, so you can play with effects until your heart’s content. With the ability to edit 4K video and create 3-D movies, users can flex their editing muscles.

It’s not as polished as some of its rivals however, but with the range of functionality in VideoStudio Pro X6, Corel have unlocked the editing suite door for the user who is willing to invest the time to learn its hidden tricks and features, yet is simple enough for the normal user to make some amazing videos.

(RRP $149)

Score: 3.5 / 5