01 Oct 2008
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Review: Corel WordPerfect Office X4

Office isn’t the only productivity suite on the block, you know. Corel has been plugging away for years with WordPerfect and its associated suite utilities, and while the WordPerfect file format should probably be packed away for good right now, new features that do impress us include the ability to work purely in PDF format, alongside 60 other file formats.

Pros: There’s a nice nod to other applications, in that you can open the workspace in various styles, including one that mimics the older, non-ribboned style that Microsoft Word used to use. The included spreadsheet, Quattro Pro, does a solid job, and the PowerPoint-like Presentations package is also solid.

Cons: The asking price is a really tough sell; there’s little wrong with Office X4, but at the same time, cheaper alternatives (including the free OpenOffice suite) may fill all of your needs already.

Verdict: A solid-working package, but Corel needs to look at its pricing model quite seriously.

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