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Review: CyberPower CPS500NBP-AU Notebook Surge Protector

20 Sep 2013

If your laptop is your main computer which has almost every part of your life, you may be looking at additional ways of protecting your computer from not just viruses or hacking but also electrical surges.

The CyberPower Notebook Surge Protector attaches to your main power supply for your laptop and provides protection against damage from surges, spikes and lightning, it comes with a 2 to 3 prong and 3 to 2 prong adaptors to fit most laptop power supplies.

It also features a phone/fax/network protection as well with EMI/RFI noise filtration.


* Fit all notebook computers

* Network connection (RJ45)* Phone / Fax / Modem connection (RJ11)* Domestic & International use* EMI / RFI noise filter protection


* Most laptops use wireless, therefore network features seems a bit odd.* Having an additional cord along with the power supply seems excessive and takes a while to get used to.


If you’re really protective of your laptop than the CyberPower Notebook Surge Protector would be ideal investment.

Despite all it’s features, it is not necessarily something I would invest in, however it does deliver on all the right areas for it’s device.