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Tue, 1st Dec 2009
FYI, this story is more than a year old

The Flip MinoHD is a dedicated video recording device that allows you to record in 720p high-definition. With 4GB of onboard memory, the MinoHD allows for up to one hour’s worth of recorded footage. You can then simply connect the device to one of your computer’s USB ports to transfer your video. You can even organise and edit your footage with the easy-to-use FlipShare software that’s bundled on the device itself. Best of all, FlipShare allows for straightforward and direct uploads to YouTube and MySpace. If you prefer another video-hosting site, FlipShare’s still got you covered; it can prepare your desired video for a convenient manual upload to your site of choice. The editing is a little limited, although it’s sure to be adequate for most casual users.

Of course, you can also plug your MinoHD directly into your home television in order to quickly and conveniently view your recorded content. Unfortunately, though, the output to TV is only via RCA connection. It’s a bit of a missed opportunity given that the MinoHD records in HD, but make no mistake – the RCA output still looks great. The MinoHD doesn’t come with a power adapter, so unless you purchase one yourself, you’ll be forced to charge it via one of your computer’s USB ports; hardly convenient if you’re on holiday, for instance. The device’s running time is also limited to two hours, so you may want to keep your on-device previews to a minimum if you don’t have a computer handy. So while there are a few minor cons there, these were almost certainly necessary trade-offs in keeping with the device’s affordability. Of special note, though, is the quality of the device’s microphone, which picks up voices and music with exceptional clarity.

PROS: Affordable. Very compact. Great quality footage and audio, and it’s extremely easy to use.

CONS: No HD output to TV. Small 1.5-inch on-board display. No power adapter supplied. Relatively limited battery life.

VERDICT: High-definition video recording has never been more affordable than the Flip MinoHD, which makes it ideal for amateur film makers on a budget. It’s the perfect device to document your holiday antics over the Christmas season in high definition without breaking the bank.