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Wed, 1st Dec 2010
FYI, this story is more than a year old

The next generation of Flip portable HD camcorders is here just in time to fill Christmas stockings across the country. The two major improvements this time around come in the guise of enhanced image stabilisation and an increasedrate. The image stabilisation, in particular, is a very noticeable and impressive addition that makes your clips seem that much more professional.

Sadly, the editing software is still fairly rudimentary, which is disappointing to see in the third iteration of the popular device. On the flipside, the limited features set does mean that it’s extremely uncomplicated, and perhaps that’s the higher priority for these devices. It does allow the user to easily put together films comprised of several clips (with intro and outro text) and upload them easily to Facebook, Twitter and more.PROS: An extremely portable and easy-to-use 720p HD camera that’s relatively affordable to boot. Uploading your videos to YouTube, Facebook and now Twitter is a breeze. Boasts a higherrate and an image-stabilisation feature has been included.

CONS: You’ll still need to source your own mini HDMI adapter. The included FlipShare video editing software is still fairly limited.

VERDICT: There’s nothing particularly groundbreaking about the latest Flip MinoHD that should force existing owners to rush out and upgrade, but the latest is indeed the greatest.