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Review: Fujifilm X10

01 Nov 2012

It’s ironic that in today’s modern technology-driven society, the retro and hipster looks are popular. The FujiFilm X10 digital camera recognizes this and combines top of the line technology and modern components with an old school look.

Features include the manual barrel zoom lens combined with a 2.8” LCD monitor (significant given the size of the camera itself), and the device is surprisingly light with a quick start mode (boots up in less than a second!) making it ideal for on-the-go use. Like most FujiFilm cameras, the X10 offers various settings including Portrait, Panoramic, etc., which are all easily accessible via the main dial on the top of the camera. To add to the retro feel, the flash light isn’t visible from the outside but pops up when the button is pressed.


  • Multiple shooting modes like portrait, high sensitivity/low noise and high resolution. There are also two options for custom user settings available through the dial
  • Fast boot up for the times you need a quick capture
  • Built in 2.0 wide angle and 2.8 telephoto lens with separate apertures together with 4x optical and a manual barrel zoom
  • EXR Auto mode means the camera can automatically adjust to all different settings for the best shot (tested inside and outside to compare)
  • Flash has a range of up to 7 metres
  • Can shoot in RAW which allows for future processing, with software included
  • With so many features, you’ll likely only use a handful of them unless you’re a real camera buff or have the time to experiment and play around
  • Internal memory is very small (takes maximum 4 photos at high resolution)
  • Button setup takes some getting used to depending on your previous camera experiences
The Verdict

The Fujifilm X10 Digital Camera is easy to use, and offers an abundance of cool features (maybe too many?) It has a cool retro look for you hipsters out there and is well suited to those who enjoy small compact cameras.