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Review: Intuos Creative Stylus

If you’re a graphic designer or artist, how do you create on your iPad?

The Intuos Creative Stylus allows artists to have that hands on creative experience on their iPad that they would have on paper.

With 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, you can adjust the level of pressure they apply just like paper. You won’t even need to worry about resting your palm on the screen with bluetooth connectivity built in. It doesn’t even require pairing if you use one of the apps that has integration.

It has an aluminium barrel with a soft plastic finger grip. There is a rocker switch that can be configured to work as optional buttons in certain apps. The ‘nib’ is a hollow rubber tip that can drag across the screen. For fine sketching, I do prefer my Adonit with its fine nib. I can see that the Intuos will be great for painting or shading.

The Intuos comes in its own case with a couple of replacement nibs. The pen does use an AAAA battery (I didn’t know they were still used!).

I recommend keeping the pen in its case when not being used as it is touch sensitive and could drain the battery.


  • Incredibly fine control in integrated apps
  • 2 Replaceable nibs in the case
  • Weight balanced
  • Can break windows in an emergency
  • Still doesn’t make me a better artist
  • Has to be kept in case for best battery life
  • Requires iPad 3 or Mini and above

The Intuos Creative Stylus is an ideal tool for graphic artists to sketch or create on their iPad then transfer to a computer for final editing, its RRP is $169, but smart shoppers can easily find it from an NZ store for $50 cheaper. At that price point, it becomes a very tempting purchase

Score: 3.5 / 5