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Review: Kaynex Sydnee

By Patrick Pilcher, Fri 3 Oct 2014
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Here’s a first world problem. Most families have a pile of USB charged gadgets. Trouble is there are usually only a few suitable spots for plugging everything in to ensure they stay charged. As any parent with teens knows, Charged gadgets equals happy families.

This is the conundrum that the Kanex Sydnee aims to fix.  When asked to review the Sydnee, I’d asked myself who(besides reviewers) needs to charge 3 phones and/or tablets at once?

The reality is that more and more people have smartphones and tablets and this can lead to cable carnage in a family setting.  Even if families can agree on one spot with enough power outlets, the cable clutter can resemble an explosion at a spaghetti factory.

Enter stage left the Sydnee. It can charge 4 devices at once and all but eliminates cable clutter and power outlet hogging USB plug adaptors. Being USB based, it’ll also play nice with most USB charged hardware.

Look and FeelThe Sydnee is a sleek futuristic looking beastie and is available in black or white. It consists of a USB power hub and an oval cradle that can hold 3 devices. Its sleek curvy design would look right at home on the set of space 1999 (or a well heeled Apple store).

The oval hoop provides a place for gadgets to sit when charging. A lip on the front of the oval plus a clear plastic divider inside it creates space for at least 3 devices.

At the rear of the Sydnee are four USB ports, each of which can crank out 2.1 amps of juice, enough for almost any USB-charged gizmos.  This means that even though the Kanex Sydnee includes a bunch of cables, you can also use your own.

In UseSeveral clever design features also help keep cable clutter at bay.

The USB hub on the Sydnee's rear also as an arm for wrapping lengthy cords around. There are also slots on top of the oval cradle to thread cables.  The power cord for the Sydnee occupies a single power outlet, and charging becomes a far less messy undertaking.

Although the Sydnee can hold 3 smartphones, it is able to charge 4 at once, as there's a fourth USB port available. I didn't have 4 phones to charge.

RRP $149.95

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