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Review: Leap Motion Controller

12 Aug 2013

Leap Motion is the company behind the technology which provides control of your computer using movement of your hands.

At the end of the July, the Leap Motion Controller was globally released, the first device since the company’s launch in 2010.

Working as a sensor for your hands, the controller has an interaction area of two feet wide by two feet deep (60 cm) around the device itself, since the product is rectangular the area is similar to that of an oval dome around it.

It measures at 0.5 (1.25) x 1.2 (3.0) x 3 (7.5) inches (cm) [hwd] and weighs 0.1 lbs (0.05g) - making it small and lightweight.

To access the device, it does require the installation of Airspacem a desktop program which provides access to the Airspace Store where you can discover, download then access the apps. Registration is required as it is similar to any other online app store that requires login details to download applications.

There is a range of free and paid apps as well as Mac or Windows compatible - there is music, games, education and other apps used for accessing Facebook.


• Easy to install, plug and play for the controller. Download of Airspace is straightforward.

• Controller is amazingly accurate, there is an orientation program which shows what it can see and gives a rough idea of how it works.

• There is a wide range of apps, and is updated regularly.

• Great way to have some fun with friends or can be used everyday.

• Pack includes a long and short USB which is awesome if you are switching between a desktop or a laptop computer.


• If you only have a Windows or a Mac you can’t access certain apps.

• Downloading certain apps can take a while and may also require extra download of software (experienced with Windows only).

• Apps respond differently with the controller, some are more accurate and responsive than others.

• Easier to use with a desktop computer than a laptop.

• Initial use can create some muscle tension but this would likely fade over time.

There is some pretty awesome apps available via the Airspace Store, the free ones work quite well if as you get your head around how to use them.

You can still use your mouse to access the app if you find it too hard to control it using your hand.Given the controller size, it is extremely accurate and incredibly fast (sometimes too fast for certain apps).

It has a RRP of USD $79.99 (not including delivery) which makes about mid range as there are some peripherals which are even more expensive, at the moment if you want to have it delivered it will have to be purchased off the Leap Motion website.

Score: 4/5