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Review: Lenmar Mutant Portable Power Pack

When the mutant arrived, I was oh, it’s another battery charger. Another one destined to join the discarded others lying in the fruit bowl. But the Mutant is definitely not that, this thing is a beast!

As an example, the iPhone 5s battery is 1560 mAh. The Mutant packs 20,800 mAh and is rated to charge phones 10 times! But the Mutant is not just about charging one phone, it’ll charge two tablets (at 2.4A) and two phones (at 1A) at the same time!

The Mutant is also useful as a central point to charge devices. Normally around the house, there are chargers plugged into every socket, but having four charging sockets in the Mutant means  all my devices are in one place and I don’t need to worry about what’s plugged in where.

So you’ve got a road trip, you’ve loaded the car up with the kids, given them enough movies on the tablet to keep them entertained and you’re away. But three hours in, one tablet’s dead and the incessant whining from the back seat starts. Normally it’s ok as you can plug the USB charger into the cigarette lighter and stretch it across to the back seat (or leave them on the side of the road, your choice).

But then the second tablet / phablet / child distraction device runs out and now you’re stuck. You could get them to share, but that always works out so well, doesn’t it….

Here’s where the Mutant comes to the rescue. Throw the Mutant at the rear passengers (or place gently in the middle, again, your choice), they can then plug in their devices and everyone is happy.

Now if that is not a reason to get a Mutant, then seriously; you must not have children.

If that is the case, imagine when you’re next away on holiday. You’re taking lots of pictures of the amazing sights you’re seeing in the middle of nowhere. All so you can gain a few likes on Facebook and make your friends jealous. You’ll no doubt run out of battery (or drop it in the pool / sea / strange bar).

With the Mutant’s ability to charge a phone 10 times before it requires charging itself (inside 10 hours), you can spend days away from your hotel room taking loads of pictures that we’re just going to ignore. How amazing is that?!

Joking aside, the Mutant is pretty awesome. Its rubberised finish and size (about three stacked CD cases), means it is the ultimate travel companion. It also comes with worldwide adaptors, so you’ll never have to worry about not being able to charge it. You can pretty much plug it in anywhere.


  • 20K mAhs - recharge a phone 10 times!
  • Ability to charge four devices at once
  • Worldwide adaptors mean its an ideal travelling companion
  • The new rules about having a charged phone whilst flying - sorted!
  • It’s called the Mutant - it should look meaner!

I’ll say it again, the Mutant is a beast! With it’s power output, it can keep on trucking long after you’ve run out of puff! I’d love to see the Mutant gain a home in businesses. Wouldn’t it be great to go to a cafe for a coffee and be able to charge your phone whilst you’re sitting there, no searching for plug sockets or sipping at your Facebook just to make your battery last. Where else would be a good place for one?