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Review: LG V900 Tablet

With a wide range of tablets beginning to appear on the market, it can be difficult to find significant points of difference - especially when they are all running the same platform, in this case Android. The LG V900 is unique compared to many of the other tablets in that it features a smaller 8.9 inch display and twin 5 megapixel 3D camera. The LG V900 performs well in all the general use situations we put it through and is fast and responsive thanks to its Nvidia Tegra 2 processor. Unfortunately, the 3D camera did not perform as well as we’d hoped. Although it did provide adequate images in still and perfect conditions, it struggled with items in motion, shaky hands holding the tablet while photographing or poor lighting conditions. It should be noted that the tablet itself is not 3D, so you need to plug the tablet into a 3D capable TV or monitor (with glasses) to view the images in 3D. Having said that, the LG V900 fills a nice sized niche between the smaller (7 inch) tablets and the larger (10 inch) tablets for users who have a particular need to balance size for portability and performance.

Pros: Quick and responsive

Smaller size provides better portability

Built in 3D Camera

Cons: Smaller screen than other tablets

3D Camera offers average performance

Conclusion: Average 3D camera performance aside, the LG V900 is a nice portable tablet for those who demand small size and every day usability.

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