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Review: MobileMe

01 Oct 08

MobileMe is Apple’s revamped go at an online data storage, email service and synchronisation client. It allows you to store and access bookmarks, calendars and have your email pushed out to iPhones and iPod Touch devices, as well as compatible wireless laptops.

Pros: Apple sells it as “Exchange for the rest of us” and in most important respects it is; it’s easy to configure, will work with Outlook for the Windows users and includes 20GB of online backup space to boot.

Cons: Synchronisation can be slow, and if you’re not running at least one Mac - and preferably an iPhone 3G as well - you won’t get the full benefit of the MobileMe package. It’s also worth bearing in mind that some elements of the MobileMe package can be had online for free, albeit in not as slick a style.

Verdict: A good simple package, but best for those with wireless data connections on the road who can’t bear to be without their data.