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Review: Monster Adidas Headphones

The Monster Adidas headphones are the latest collaboration between Monster and a major brand. With Beats now part of Apple, how does Beats former manufacturer compare when they lead the way?

When you get to this point, you’re undoubtedly paying a hefty premium for the manufacturer’s brand name, let alone the partner’s name. But this isn’t a set for phones for the Sennheiser fan, this is to put a dent into Beats domination of the fashion headphone market.

And the Monster Adidas certainly makes a statement. They seem well manufactured, although a bit of difference in the shade and finish between the foldable arms and the central band does show a bit more QA is required.

Their colour scheme of blue, red and white is not too clash, yet enough to stand out.

Time will show if the white parts will turn yellow in our strong UV.

The Monster Adidas also comes with the ability to share its music. With two headphone ports, a friend can play into the second part and you can listen to music together.

The cups were comfortable, however were quite shallow. This meant that after a little time, unless you have miniature ears, you will start to feel it. The cushioning was good, cutting out a lot of external noise, without you feeling shut off from the world.

If it’s an alternative to the Beats, then this is a good contender. Its slightly lower in the price bracket, and probably more usable. It does come with its own sports carry case, and being foldable, I am happy to toss them in the bag. Try that with your Beats and await the tears.