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Review: Rapoo 8900P Keyboard & mouse combo

Rapoo have released another product into the New Zealand market, but this time it takes aim at the executive market, where quality materials and brushed steel abound. Is the Rapoo 8900P a must have?

Previous Rapoo keyboards have focused on the tablet market; the 8900P firmly takes aim at the business desktop environment. The combo contains an E9270P wireless keyboard with a 7800P performance mouse.

The keyboard is a sight to behold. It has a silver-blue brushed gunmetal appearance, with a touch sensitive media control panel and chiclet keys. With a separate number pad, the Rapoo is perfectly set up for the office. At only 4mm thick (not including batteries), the Rapoo gets a definite tick in the style league. The keyboard actually won an IF industrial award for its design.

People are now much more used to the laptop chiclet keyboard and typing on the 8900P’s keyboard feels comfortable. The 7800P mouse is a right handed sculpted mouse with pretty much every capability going on modern mice. Zoom, back and forward and DPI buttons give this mouse the technical capabilities to play a game of COD as well as edit a word document or roam the internet.

There are improvements that could be made. The ability to charge via USB or become a USB attached keyboard or mouse would enable much better penetration into the business market as the last thing you’ll want is to be halfway through a document and the batteries die.

There’s no battery status notification on the keyboard or mouse. Just a few LEDs would allow users to see the power level at a glance. The mouse is also right handed, but I do prefer a uni-mouse, allowing for left handed usage.

The 8900P is a keyboard and mouse combo that will find a place in a heap of businesses as well as homes around New Zealand. Rapoo’s strength in providing multiple solutions means users benefit by finding the solution that suits them best.