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Review: Rapoo H8030 Wireless Stereo Headset

With the prevalence of Bluetooth headsets, what use is a wireless headset anymore?

Most workers listen to music or watch videos whilst they’re working, but IT managers lock down access to the Bluetooth capabilities on their machines. The Rapoo headset comes with its own USB adaptor that doesn’t require any special permissions. It also has compatibility with Lync and other collaboration tools with its built in microphone.

Setup is as easy as plugging the dongle into the machine (no administrator permissions required), then selecting it as your output speakers.

The battery is pretty amazing, giving you a whole day’s life. I’ve been using it every day at work and it’s really become part of my default equipment. I plug it in when I’m going home, knowing that I’m not tethered to the computer during the day.

There are no controls on the headset, this is a shame as it’d be good to have the same controls as Rapoo’s Bluetooth headset, but then you would require administrator permissions to send those signals to the computer, so it seems Rapoo have made the right decision

The H8030 is the most simple plug and play headset I’ve seen for a while. They’re not complicated and they do exactly what they say on the tin. They’re so simple (and comfortable), I can't really say any more than they’ve replaced all my other headphones for work because of their capabilities.


  • Battery lasts an entire day!
  • Comfortable to stay on all day
  • Good wireless range
  • All functionality users need
  • Could do with controls
  • Colour choice would be good

Rapoo iterate on an amazing scale. They seem to never stop designing and with the H8030, I like what they’ve done. It’s not overly fancy, it does the simple things well and it looks good. Your staff would love you (for a while!), if you got them a pair of these!

Score 4.5 / 5