FutureFive NZ - Review: Razer Arctosa Keyboard

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Review: Razer Arctosa Keyboard

The Razer Arctosa’s main claim to fame is that it’s meant to be a ‘gaming’ keyboard, with specific support for features that high-end gamers might want, such as anti-ghosting to prevent missed keystrokes and the ability to record macros for complex functions.

Pros: It’s a functional, rather flat keyboard that’s surprisingly pleasant to type on, in much the same way as Logitech’s DiNovo keyboards.

Cons: It’s rather light and doesn’t feel heavy-duty enough for hardcore gaming use. Aside from the built-in anti-ghosting, there’s also not a lot of gamer-specific features on offer.

Verdict: A nice keyboard, but it doesn’t justify itself for the gamer crowd.

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