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Review: Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra - The future is here
Wed, 14th Feb 2024

As a journalist with a keen eye on the latest in technology, I recently had the pleasure of reviewing Samsung's latest flagship, the Galaxy S24 Ultra, touted as the "real next generation" of smartphones. My experience with this device was both enlightening and complex, navigating through its myriad of features to understand its place in the current tech landscape.

One of the first aspects that struck me was the S24 Ultra's AI capabilities. They are, frankly, incredibly good. From image editing to summarising texts and even a live transcribe feature that, although I didn't get the opportunity to test, promised a lot. The AI wallpapers turned out to be a unique and welcoming find, injecting a bit of fun and personalisation into the user experience that I quite enjoyed. 

These features set a standard moving forward that I hope Samsung is both able to maintain and expand upon, because there is truly something for everyone with Samsung's Galaxy AI.

The camera performance on the S24 Ultra lived up to my high expectations, delivering sensational image quality, particularly with the upgraded telephoto lenses. Yet, I couldn't help but notice that Samsung's auto-processing sometimes didn't do justice to the original shots, a small gripe but one worth mentioning for those who prize photographic fidelity. The video capability has also seen some notable improvement, and the AI feature that gave me the ability to slow-mo any video I chose was certainly a spectacle.

When it came to the display, the S24 Ultra's screen was top of the line, challenging me to find any other phone screen that matches its colour accuracy and brightness. This quality made every interaction with the device a visual delight, whether I was scrolling through photos, watching videos, or simply navigating Samsung's One UI 6.1, which is quickly becoming one of my favourite UI experiences.

Another feature I appreciated was the S-Pen functionality. In a market where fewer devices offer stylus support, the S24 Ultra stands out. The S-Pen is a welcome addition for anyone who values precision in their interactions, from note-taking to drawing, adding a layer of functionality that enhances the overall user experience.

Battery life, as expected from a flagship Samsung device, was excellent as per usual. It's reassuring to know that despite its powerful performance and feature set, particularly with its new AI features, the S24 Ultra can reliably last through a day's use without frequent trips to the power outlet.

However, it wasn't all smooth sailing. I encountered an issue with the device heating up during use. This heating problem was a real disappointment, especially considering the expectations presented around a larger vapour chamber designed to prevent such issues. Identifying the exact cause was tricky, whether it was the high screen quality and framerate, the intensive use of AI features, or simply the review unit I had received, but it will, unfortunately, be something I distinctly remember from my review.

My time with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra was a well-rounded experience of what modern technology offers. Its standout AI features, exceptional screen, and reliable battery life set it apart in the smartphone market. As I reflect on my experience, it's clear that the S24 Ultra is a beacon of what's possible, with some areas to polish up as every device does. It offers a glimpse into the future of smartphones, and it's certainly a future I am looking forward to.