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Review: Sony Ps-Lx300USB Turntable

01 Feb 09

Hang on - isn’t vinyl dead? Well, in one sense it might be, but if you’re still holding on to stacks of LPs with no playback solution, then Sony’s latest turntable might be right for you. Not only is it a regular record player, but it’s also USB-compatible, meaning you can easily connect it up to your PC and record your LPs for digital preservation purposes.

Pros: The deck itself is easy to use, with embedded stereo outputs if you just want playback. The supplied software has a simple wizard that’ll help you import audio, clean it up and then burn it to CD or cut it into mp3 tracks.

Cons: We hit a few instances where the software misidentified tracks, and outside the helpful wizard, it’s very tricky getting a handle on what you need to do precisely.

Verdict: A great way to easily bring your vinyl back to life.